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    Best Modular Kitchen in Noida

    We have heard before that ‘the kitchen is the heart of every household’. The importance of the kitchen has remained the same since ancient times. It is such a place in the house that keeps all the members of the family connected. The kitchen is not just a place to cook food but where the family joins together through food. The kitchen has undergone many changes over the years. As technology improved, so did the amenities in the kitchen. The modular kitchen represents modernity.

    With the modern time, we are also shifting to the technology developing in recent times. Homearchs is a modular kitchen designing company that will help you get your kitchen to utilize it better. In case you are searching for ‘Modular Kitchen Noida,’ then you can know about the Modular Kitchen Price in Noida from the experts.


    Looking for the top Modular Kitchen in Noida? Homearchs is the leader

    With the latest innovations in home building in Noida and the rest of the country, there is no doubt that the popularity of Modular Kitchens has grown by leaps and bounds. It is for good reasons as well. With the latest modular kitchen designs in Noida now, there is no doubt that the traditional kitchens are making way for them.

    Modular Kitchen Wooden Design

    If you are aware of the latest in home interiors, modular kitchens with wooden designs have become very popular. It is for good reasons as well.

    They are very stylish and sleek looking. They are often ergonomically designed and offer functional storage units that are very useful in many ways. They can be easily assembled and provide the perfect finishing.

    If you want to have the best designed wooden modular kitchen in Noida, you can have that from us at Home Archs. The best thing is that they can be customized to meet your specific kitchen needs.

    Design Your Kitchen in ! Your Own Way

    When it comes to getting interior designing, the question that comes to people's minds is where to get good interior designers? You do not need to worry much because HomeArchs is a prominent Interior Designing Company that design the home the way you want. 

    Modular Kitchen We Design at Homearchs

    We design Customized Modular Kitchen with a dedicated space for everything. Compared to the traditional kitchen, the modular kitchen is the latest design that simplifies everyday kitchen tasks due to its versatility and durability. Furthermore, we design the kitchen with ease of use and space utilization, and healthy air circulation in kitchen functions in a modular kitchen.

    Don’t Worry About Space

    For a modular kitchen, you don't need to think about space, be it small or big; our designs are suitable for every size of the kitchen. This is because modular kitchens have many features to suit your needs! This is a ready-made kitchen cabinet and unit that contains multiple components that need to be installed in the kitchen!These modules and units are reassembled based on available space, usage and need so that if there is any damage to the unit, only that unit has to be repaired or replaced!

    Lots of Choices

    Get the Modular Kitchen Cabinet Set as you want. There are a variety of styles, shapes and sizes out of which you has to choose one based on your requirement. You will get the Modular Kitchen cabinet set that will consist of components like a cabinet, chimney, oven, basket, shutter system, sliding door, corner unit, and more!

    Price of Modular Kitchen

    Contrary to the general notion that many of us have that Modular Kitchens are very expensive, you will be happy to note that at Home Archs, we offer modular kitchen solutions at reasonable rates. The best part is that depending on your needs and your budget; we offer customized solutions for your modular kitchen in Noida.

    All you need to do is send us your email and other contact details, and we will be more than happy to send you our quote for the kind of modular kitchen you need based on your specific needs.

    Kitchen interior cost:

    We can understand that the cost involved in having a modular kitchen design is a concern for many in Noida, as is in the rest of India.

    To address this very valid concern, we bring our clients the most innovative and customized modular kitchen designs. So, no matter how big or small your budget, we have the most effective designs for our clients.

    Modular Kitchen Price In Noida

    Budget Package

    INR 1749/- per Sq.ft.

    1. Structure
    1. 1. Commercial Ply
      2. 303 grade (ME)
      3. MDF Shutters
    2. Accessories
    1. 1. Wire Backets (Godrej)
      2. Hinges Channels
      3. Godrej (Normal) Handles
    3. Finish Material
    1. Sunmica/Paper Leminate 1mm(Virgo)
    4. Appliances
    1. No Appliances
    5. Warranty
    1. 1 Month Free Services

    Standard Package

    INR 2299/- per Sq.ft.

    1. Structure
    1. 1. HDHMR (Green Panel)
      2. MDF Shutters
    2. Accessories
    1. 1. Hettich Innotech Drawers 
      2.Hettich Soft Close
      3. Hinges +G - Profile
    3. Finish Material
    1. PVC Laminite (1.25 mm) Skydecor​

    4. Appliances
    1. Free Faber Hood Chimney 60cms

    5. Warranty
    1. 3 Month Free Services<br>Upto 10 Years Product Warranty

    Classic Package

    INR 3499/- per Sq.ft

    1. Structure
    1. 1. BWP Ply 710 grade (Century/ Green)
      2. HDHMR(Green Panel)
    2. Accessories
    1. 1. Hafele Innotech
    2. 2.Drawers System
    3. 3. G- Profile Handles
    3. Finish Material
    1. Acrylic 1.5 mm (Euro Pratik)
    4. Appliances
    1. Free Faber Chimney Sunny- 60 Cms and Faber Hob- Burners
    5. Warranty
    1. 6 Month Free Services<br>Upto 10 Years Product Warranty

    Ready-Made Kitchens

    In the fast-paced life that you might be leading, we are sure you are always looking for ways to make your life more convenient and save valuable time. The good news with the latest modular ready-made kitchens is they are easy to clean and maintain. They also ensure proper space management to ensure that the limited space we have in our homes is optimally utilized. Besides, we provide cost-effective installation and offer great flexibility.

    Kitchen modular design India

    To make the most of the modular kitchen, its design is vital. With the rightly designed modular kitchen solutions provided by us, you can be sure that it is organized perfectly. Our team of interior designers is experts and design modular kitchens that ensure all your kitchen needs are met in the best manner. You will be happy to note it is met to match your budgets as well These modules and units are reassembled based on available space, usage and need so that if there is any damage to the unit, only that unit has to be repaired or replaced!

    Modular Kitchen Manufacturer

    We are sure that you will have everything available under one roof when you plan to have your modular kitchen. The best part with us is we are modular kitchen manufacturers in Lucknow. We have designers, engineers, architects who have vast experience in their field. Our expertise in modular kitchens makes us the undisputed leaders in the area, and that too at the most reasonable rates.

    Best Modular Kitchen Services Provider in Noida

    The installation of the best-designed modular kitchen is essential without any doubt, especially if you are fascinated with them. But maintaining them is equally important as well. When it comes to modular kitchen maintenance in Noida, too, as is with the rest of India, HomeArchs is the best, without any doubt.

    We are the best modular kitchen services provider in Noida. We act as the one-stop solution for all your modular kitchen needs. It is our expertise that makes us the undisputed leader in modular kitchen in Noida.

    To know more about our services, please get in touch with us!!

    Noida is a land of Awadhi cuisine. From lip-smacking dishes and kebabs to drool-worthy sweetmeats all add to make them highly sought after.  In keeping with this tradition, it is possible that you love cooking too. We can well understand that cooking for many in Lucknow is their first love.

    We are sure that a nicely designed modular kitchen will inspire you to deliver the most sought-after and well-cooked dishes.

    That is why we are experts at designing and creating the most innovative modular Noida Kitchens. We do it in style with all the most creative designs.


    If you are looking to have one of the best created Kitchen Noida, we at Home-Archs are the best in the field.

    We know that a house is not just an investment for most people. It’s their home, and they want to make sure it feels like theirs too!

    That's why we take pride in converting each customer into one satisfied client by listening closely before getting started on any project- whether big or small.

    Depending on your budget and kitchen needs, we have the most creative modular kitchen designs just for you.

    What Can You Expect from HomeArchs?

    Suppose you want to get a Modular Kitchen in Noida home. You can get this work done by HomeArchs. With Homearchs, you will get

    Modern Look

    Being a renowned modular kitchen designer, we use modern ways to design a kitchen that can make your kitchen beautiful. In addition, we make lots of space by creating it very well organized.


    We have significant years of experience in this field; HomeArchs can do this work better using our knowledge and expertise. We use the latest technologies to make your kitchen more spacious and structured.

    Customer’s Reviews

    We have got lots of appreciation from our clients for a stylish and trendy look and better utilization space. Likewise, the responses from the people who have been provided with our Modular Kitchen services are favorable.

    The years of working experience, dedication, and expertise make us the Best Modular Kitchen Design Company in Lucknow; call now to design your dream kitchen in your dream home! 

    Why Us?

    Latest Modular Kitchen Solutions meet modern-day needs.

    The latest modular kitchen designs offer the best solutions to the current compartmentalizing woes. Not just that, these kitchens keep up with changing times, and there’s plenty of room for customization! Whatever you need in terms of drawers, cabinets, or countertops – we have got it all. At HomeArchs, we understand what a dream house means to our customers. It is in line with this all-important need, and we offer the perfect solutions towards designing our customer’s modular kitchen in Noida. 

    Speaking of home up-gradation or interior designing services, the first and foremost concern which comes to mind is the cost involved.

    It is all the more so; there is a common notion that modular kitchens cost extravagantly high. The good news is with the latest innovations, and modular kitchens can now be availed at the most reasonable prices

    Why Choose Us HomeArchs?

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    Dedicated in House Team

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    100% Transparency

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    Guaranteed 15 Days Delivery

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    100+ Quality Checks

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    Upto 10 Years Warranty

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    100% Customer Satisfaction


    Q.How can I book a consultation?

    A. You may simply call us on +91-9140535853 or fill up the form (HERE) to get a free appointment booked.

    Q. Can I have meeting with Designer at my home?

    A. Yes, book a free consultation with our Interior Designer and he/she will visit your home for technical inspection and guidance to you.

    Q. How the measurements of my home will be done?

    A. If you have floor plan of your site already with you, you can share it with your assigned designer. In case if it is not there we will get it done by an expert once you book with us.

    Q. What all information do I need to share?

    A. You just simply need to share floor plans of your house if it is there and a small 30 seconds video tour of your house and your material preferences (if any) according to your need. Our team will go through it in detail and will share a tentative price quotation with you.

    Q. Can I choose materials and brands to be used?

    A. Yes, our interior designer will tell you about materials and its qualities with reference 3D Images and videos which will help you visualize your dream home. They will also inform you of pricing of using different materials.

    Q. What are the payment terms?

    A. After your free consultation with our Interior Designer a tentative quote will be shared with you. Once you have full faith in our abilities you can book us by just paying 5% of the total estimated value. We will then proceed with 3D designing of your dream home. Once designs are finalized you have to pay us 45% of the total cost to start execution work. Once the 50% work is completed (it may vary project to project and will be shared with you in our mutual agreement) you have to pay another installment of 50% to complete the work.

    Q. How much time will it take to complete?

    A. It generally depends upon size of project and work to be done inside it but tentatively it takes 45 days to complete a mid-sized project.

    Q. What are the Terms & Conditions?

    A. Our moto is client satisfaction and happiness. We will share with you all project inclusions and exclusions in the Quotation itself.

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